Call for papers – Workshop on Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

Confiance IA and, in collaboration with Thales and École Polytechnique de Montréal, are offering a one-day workshop on Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence systems on May 27, 2024. The workshop will be held at École Polytechnique de Montréal. It will cover the technical and scientific aspects of Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence and its regulatory elements, norms, and standards.

Please take a moment to review the preliminary program and its list of invited speakers and call for papers.

The workshop presentations will allow participants to reflect on the challenges of artificial intelligence (AI), which is transforming how we work and live. Organizations are harnessing AI’s remarkable power to improve data-driven forecasting, optimize products and services, increase innovation, improve productivity and efficiency, and reduce costs. However, adopting AI raises concerns about certain risks and challenges, prompting discussions about how AI is being used: How do we make sure that AI is truly trustworthy?

To foster the smooth adoption of artificial intelligence, we must ensure it is responsible and trustworthy. We highly anticipate your insights and ideas on designing and creating tools that build trust in AI systems. We look forward to engaging in a free-flowing discussion of the outcomes and experiences you bring to the table.